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Music Travel Agency Prague (MTA)

Our company has specialised since 2002 in comprehensive services in the field of cultural tourism. Our main activities include organisation of international festivals and competitions for nonprofessional music and dance ensembles, such as the international festival of contemporary choral music with Zdeněk Lukáš Prize Canti veris Praga, international festival of young orchestras and choirs youngbohemia, international festival of orchestras Parade Prague, international festival of brass bands Brass Bohemia, international choral festival of popular and jazz music Prague Voices, international folk dance festival Dance-Bohemia, and international festival New Year Prague. To groups of diverse music specialisation we offer and according to their interests and wishes organise comprehensive boarding cultural programmes. Concert performances in Prague and outside the capital are connected with discoveries of major historical and cultural monuments and updates on present-day cultural life. The wealth of experience of MTA is corroborated by the number of international festivals, concerts and cultural tours that we have organised to date and the lively responses to them. Many ensembles return to Prague repeatedly.